Sweetwater The Print Shop Jelly Roll 40 2.5-inch Strips Moda Fabrics 5470JR

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Fabric roll of 40 2.5-inch by 44-inch (width of fabric) strips from the Print Shop collection by designer Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics. From the designer: The print shop. I'm not quite sure if these even exist any longer. Our small town print shop closed its doors years ago when the internet took over our daily communication. I used to love going there—the smell of the ink, the large machines humming, and all that paper stacked from fl oor to ceiling. This collection was inspired by those shops. The designs are very striking and include lots of words and simple shapes. We were tempted to only use black and white, but decided a shot of red never hurt! We also included our new favorite neutral, khaki, to soften things up a bit. While we love all the colors together, we think the fabric in this collection would make beautiful red and white or black and white quilts! We can't wait to get started...

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