Robert Kaufman - Winters Grandeur 5 Winter - 40pcs / Roll Up

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Winters Grandeur 5 Winter by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. 40 pieces of Fabric Strips. Measures 2.5" x 44" each. Made of 100% Cotton. Designed by Studio RK. Contains 40 pieces of 2.5 inch x 44 inch fabric.

What makes the Christmas season more cozy, than wrapping yourself up with a nice quilt during the winter season? That's why you should be getting those quilts ready and adding more Christmas cheer to them with the Winters Grandeur collection by Robert Kaufman! This assortment has all the bits and baubles you need for a fully-decorated Christmas quilt with its fun patterns! Each fabric feature either a snowflake pattern, Christmas trees, gold stars, and even tree decorations as designs, making you feel that wonderful Christmas spirit with each fabric.

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