Moda Fabrics - Little Miss Sunshine by Lella Boutique - Jelly Roll / 40 Pieces

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Little Miss Sunshine by Moda Fabrics. 40 pieces of Fabric Strips. Measures 2.5” x 44” each. Made of 100% Cotton. Designed by Lella Boutique. Contains 40 strips of 2.5 inch x 44 inch fabric.

Fabric roll of 40 2.5-inch by 44-inch (width of fabric) strips from the Little Miss Sunshine collection by designer Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique for Moda Fabrics. She finds bliss in the beauty of a quiet mountain meadow dotted with daisies. It's the perfect day for a picnic, so she brings a basket of homemade bread, peach jam, and wild strawberries. She spreads out a quilt beneath her favorite moss-covered tree and soaks in the sunbeams that break through the leafy canopy above. But life isn't always a picnic -- there are moments when the sun disappears behind the clouds and we are left to look for our own rays of sunshine. So many of us find joy in sewing pretty things like quilts, dresses, and decorations for our homes. It revives us like the warmth from the real sun. Little Miss Sunshine is a collection full of cheer and hopefully it will bring all those images of happy times into your studio.

Lella Boutique is a blog and pattern company created by Vanessa Goertzen back in 2010; when she became reacquainted with her sewing machine after quitting her job so she could stay at home and be a mother to her newborn. She finds herself revisiting her childhood quite often as a source of inspiration when she became a full-blown quilt addict when she was sixteen years old. With her mother’s support and knowledge, who has shared with her some sewing and design skill and lessons, she developed an ability to incorporate a sense of magic into all aspects of her designs.

Moda Fabrics is a wholesale company that has a variety of fabric designs and color palette to suit anyone’s taste and preference. They are composed of internationally-known quilters and artists that create basic patterns, like the Bella Solids and the Grunge collections. Moda is located in Dallas, Texas, and to name a few of their original pre-cuts, they have the Jelly Rolls, Candy, and Charm Packs. Perfect for all kinds of crafting projects!

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