Frosted Flannels Layer Cake by Holly Taylor; 42 10" Squares - Moda

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Frosted Flannels by Holly Taylor 6780LCF, Moda Layer Cake 10" by 10" factory cut quilt squares.

There isn’t much we love more than Moda’s soft, luscious flannel, except perhaps our most famous Minnesota animal, the moose. When it was placed on the Endangered Species list, we were curious to know if any other local animals and birds might also be on the list. We were astounded to discover how many were, and to realize how we were taking it for granted that some species might soon be lost to history. With this collection, we wanted to highlight our favorite Minnesota wildlife to increase awareness, and to encourage all of us to do what we can to preserve them.

  • Precision die cut cotton fabric squares eliminate tedious and time-consuming hand cutting; MPN: 6780LCF
  • Premium 100% cotton flannel; quilt and fashion weight; professionally cut and packaged by Moda Fabrics
  • Includes 42 fabric squares neatly stacked and secured with a strap; some duplicates included
  • Perfectly suited for use in quilting, sewing, patchwork, apparel, home decor, crafts and your ideas
  • Each square measures 10x10 inches (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm) inclusive of pinked edges

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