Creative Grids Quilt Ruler - Scrap Crazy 6, CGRMT6

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Scrap Crazy 6 Template Ruler by Creative Grids. Includes 4 Different Shaped and Sized Rulers. Make the most out of scrap fabrics. Easy Slide, also features Creative Grids exclusive gripper to hold fabric. Scan QR Code for instructional video.

Create 6" finished blocks from scrap fabrics with this set of rulers from Creative Grids! The fabric design doesn't matter because even using mismatched fabrics make the finished quilt even more interesting and fun to look at. You can even put on embellishment and decorative stitching to your finished quilt for an artistic touch. Make use of scrap fabrics and craft more beautiful quilts and fabric projects with the Scrap Crazy 6 rulers from Creative Grids!

You won't even have to worry about having separate notes for the sizes of the cuts, the ruler itself has the requirements printed on its surface! The ruler slides easily against any type of fabric but holds when pressed down with Creative Grids' exclusive gripper, to avoid sliding away when doing measurements. Use the QR Code on the ruler to view a demonstration on video!

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