Creative Grids - Curved / Round Corner Ruler, CGRCCC

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Curved Corner Cutter Ruler by Creative Grids. Accommodates Curves with Radius: 1-1/2; 2; or 3". Features 45 and 90 Degree Markings. Easy Slide, also features Creative Grids exclusive gripper to hold fabric. QR Code for the instructional video.

The Curved Corner Cutter helps you cut precise curves and round edges for any project. You can choose curves that range from a radius of 1-1/2, 2, or 3 inches. Three corners feature 3 curve measurements and the last has 45 and 90-degree markings. This ruler uses Creative Grids' patented Turn-A-Round feature, for clear and easy to read prints, seen by the white numbers printed on black dots. The ruler slides easily against any type of fabric but holds when pressed down with Creative Grids' exclusive gripper, to avoid sliding away when doing measurements. Use the QR Code on the ruler to view a demonstration on video!

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