Aurifil Thread Set - Darlene Zimmerman Design - 10 Small Spools

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Darlene Zimmerman Designed Threads. Distributed by Aurifil. 10 Small Spools. 50wt Each. 100% Cotton Material. Colors Include: Teal, Mint, Yellow, Orange, Periwinkle Blue, Pink, Mauve, and Purple.

Can't get enough of pastel? Darlene Zimmerman has all the colors you need for a bright, pastel-colored project with her collection of designer threads! The Darlene Zimmerman Designs Thread Set contains 10 spools made from pure cotton with 50wt. Each spool has 220 yards or thread, plenty to use for embroideries and other forms of needlework.

Colors include:
2105, 2135, 2720, 1128, 1133, 2410, 2430, 2835, 2520, 5006

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