Aurifil - 12 Large Spools - Over the Rainbow Collection by Edyta Sitar

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Over The Rainbow by Aurifil. 50wt 100% Cotton. 12 Large Spools. 1422 yards. Colors: 1130, 2545, 4030, 1100, 1133, 1135, 4650, 1114, 2892, 1125, 2730, 2780. Selected by Edyta Sitar. Perfect for piecing, applique, hand quilting, machine quilting, or embroidery

The Over The Rainbow collection by Aurifil is composed of a stunning assortment of 12 rainbow hues! It includes 12 large spools of Aurifil 50 wt cotton thread, all made from Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. The colors included are particularly as follows: 1130, 2545, 4030, 1100, 1133, 1135, 4650, 1114, 2892, 1125, 2730, 2780. This is an ideal and awesome thread set for piecing, applique, hand quilting, machine quilting, or embroidery. For high-quality crafting threads, choose Aurifil!

Laundry Basket Quilts was founded by Edyta Sitar, who is also the owner of her company. She began her journey with fabric and sewing at a very young age - when she used her mother’s drapes to create her first fabric project. Then, she was introduced to a Sitar family tradition of quilting by her mother-in-law, Carol, and grandmother-in-law, Anna. Up to the present, Edyta expresses herself as an avenue to release passion through quilting. She has published five books to date, been featured in magazines worldwide, and her quilts have been honored by receiving many awards. Edyta is proud to carry on her family tradition that fabrics and threads have seamlessly stitched together through the generations through her classes, workshops, and presentations as she travels all over the world, sharing her experiences and connecting with quilters of all levels through the inspiring stories about the quilts she makes.

Aurifil offers the fastest and most sophisticated technology that provides the strength to aesthetically manufacture all their products and supplies. This advantage is the primary reason for the company’s popularity in the market. Aurifil’s capable team creates high-quality crafting threads available in a wide range of weights, colors, and types. Aurifil has been around the quilting industry for over 30 years. They cater to several areas of crafting and continually advances their methods in manufacturing high-quality materials from traditional to the modern, through collaborating with famous designers and bloggers to reach more aficionados. Made in Italy, Aurifil is one of the top producers of superior quality threads for every enthusiast.

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