About us

Since our 1st day in business on 1/1/2012, QuiltAddict has earned a reputation of doing business ethically and earning each customer’s trust to build long-term relationships. Our previous successful businesses built over 25 years were done by doing “Whatever It Takes” and “Never, Never, Never Give Up”.  Needless to say, QuiltAddict practices these same principles……take good care of your customers and offer a great buying experience!

Every creative quilting business needs to have “QuiltAddicts” and that would be our gals behind the scene, who have developed this “Great Habit” and it doesn’t look like that will end any time soon.  As Quilters and business owners, we are always impressed with the new fabrics for quilting that various manufacturer’s create. Our passion for quilting, sewing and craft products continues to motivate us to offer you the newest and best products available at Great Prices!

All of us at QuiltAddict see the experiences of a beginner, quilting for the first time just as important as someone working on their one-hundredth quilt.  With the right quilter supplies, anyone can create beautiful quilts, table runners and other projects, no matter their skill level.  We believe that quality supplies result in great finished projects.  On-line shopping gives you many options……our goal is to earn your business by doing “Whatever It Takes”. We pledge to please you as customers and to provide high-quality content at QuiltAddict, so you return often and tell your friends about us also.

REMEMBER………Quilting is “A Great Habit” !!