What Everybody Ought To Know About Quilting Totes

July 24, 2014

As mentioned previously, I consider quilting totes to be anything in which you can store or keep fabrics for quilting or quilter supplies.  I also think they are great places to “hide” things, like unfinished projects!

This suitcase holds a lake themed wall quilt “in progress”.  A friend and I started to work on it years ago and neither one of us has yet completed it.  Any cute suitcase is perfect for quilting totes.           Have you ever run into the problem of what to do with larger spools of thread?  I love my “hot wheels” quilting totes for my threads.  I have several of them and have organized threads by color and type.  They were the perfect answer to my dilemma of what to do with those larger spools – I don’t play with “Hot Wheels” but I do play with thread!     How do you organize your scraps and hide the mess?  My two favorite types of “totes” are my Mexican baskets and my canvas bag.  I have two of these large Mexican baskets and toss my Batik fabrics in one and Christmas fabrics in the other.  Both are overflowing and need some attention!  This canvas bag was received as a gift exchange at one of our Fall Quilt Retreats and is ideal for tossing in those miscellaneous scraps as a project is completed.  Periodically, I go through this bag and cut scraps into specific sizes.  However, some scraps I do leave as is because one of my favorite things to do is make a “true” scrap quilt where there is no road map or directions.  (I’ll be showing you how to do this in a future video.) The quilting totes that I’ve mentioned here are all items that would not be listed specifically as a “quilting tote” but can certainly fill our needs.  Some additional items Quilters use as quilting totes are fishing tackle boxes, over-the-door closet organizers, and decorative glass jars.  If you are interested in checking out some of the common quilting totes on the market, go to QuiltAddict.com and check the Archives for the month of April under “Quilting Totes, Carrying Cases, and Organizers – So Many Choices” to see what our Suppliers have to offer. Why do we need so many totes and organizers?  To keep our sanity!  If your sewing room or area is upside down with all of those items, where can you find the space to work?  I’m speaking from experience – sometimes my sewing room is so messy that I cannot accomplish a thing.  Then I know it is major clean-up time! What do you use to “hide” things in your sewing room?  Please share your innovative ideas and methods.(See "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why quilting is……………..A Great Habit!