Quilting Totes Provide "Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter"

January 11, 2013 How many of you walk into your quilting room or space used for quilting and want to walk back out because it feels so disorganized?  Is it disorganized because of the lack of surface space available so you start laying projects on the floor?  Is there to much surface space available so you accumulate  things you really don't need, but there is space for it?  Do you have more than one project going at one time?  Do you not clean up and put things away in quilting totes after each quilting project is worked on? Honestly, I can answer "YES" to many of these questions.  Yes, I have way too many projects started and while being in a hurry before the holidays to finish up some projects, I never cleaned up the mess I made.  Before any new quilting projects can be started in 2013, I need to organize my quilting disaster area. QuiltAddict.com just received a stock of new books, including a great book called "Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter" by Carolyn Woods.  This 112 page book's focus is on various methods of organizing your fabric, thread and quilter supplies using different quilting totes or organizing systems.  Instead of having your unfinished projects sitting on the floor, how about putting them in 12" x 12" clear plastic quilting totes that stack nicely on a shelf or storage cubes where you can see what is in each one.  If you have several types of thread and many spools of each, there are quilting totes that can hold many individual spools. Do you have a mess around your sewing machine with seam rippers, pins, rulers and cutters?  How about looking into quilting totes (tool caddies) that you can store all yours tools in while making them easy to find and reducing clutter around your machine. I found this book very helpful with tips to "Get Me Organized" along with "Keeping Me Organized" in my quilting room.   Maybe this is the book you need to transform your quilting room or space for quilting into your "Quilting Haven"! We welcome your comments, which can be created by using the "Leave a Reply" box below. A new feature is the ability for you to attach photos to your comments. To attach a photo:  1.) At bottom of  "Leave a Reply" box, click on "Browse" or "Choose File".  2.) Find your photo in your computer's photo or document files.  3.) Double click on your photo file to attach it to your comment.  4.) The file name will be in the "Browse" or  "Choose File" window, although photo is not visible in Comment yet.  5.) Click "Submit Comment" to attach photo and complete Comment. Thanks for visiting us at QuiltAddict.com where quilting is……………..A Great Habit.