Quilting Totes, Carrying Cases, and Organizers - So Many Choices!

April 25, 2013

If you are a beginner, quilting can be a pastime that requires some organization – right?  As a Newbie, are you finding out that you don’t have a place to put everything?  Hopefully I can help you just a little.  If Sophie is going to get involved in quilting, she will have to be on the lookout for some quilting totes to accommodate all her fabrics for quilting and quilter supplies.

How about our Experienced Quilters out there – what kind of quilting totes, carrying cases, and organizers do you have?  I have a variety of items that were sold as “quilting totes”, and I also have a good variety of different size tote bags that have come in handy many times.  You might have some great ideas that we other Quilters have not yet thought of, so please share them with us. There are quilting totes (or carry cases as they are sometimes called) that are perfect to transport your sewing machine to a class.  The wheels make it easy to pull on flat surfaces and the case protects your machine in transit.  I love my rolling carry case for my sewing machine; however it does take up a lot more room in the trunk of our car. I have a variety of other different sized quilting totes.  My large nylon burgundy colored tote has several zippered compartments and is large enough to enclose a full size quilt.  It will also accommodate my 6” x 24” ruler which is always a cumbersome item to carry to a class or a retreat.  If you can find a tote that has a “sleeve” for a long ruler, you won’t be sorry. If you are looking for a medium sized quilting tote to take care of your quilter supplies for a retreat, check out the options for totes that have several zippered compartments to accommodate your tools and also perhaps some small blocks that you might be working on. When taking a class, it is to your advantage to have all your quilter supplies in one place within reach, and contained so they aren’t all over your sewing table.  A small zippered “roll-up” type of quilting tote is one answer.  It has numerous compartments and is just the right size to carry extra thread, needles, small scissors, etc.  It is perfect when you are trying to downsize all that “stuff” that you have to take with you. What about having a tote right beside your sewing machine?  The black tote shown in the photo (with the self-handle) is ideal – take this one along to a class or retreat, and all your quilting tools are at your fingertips. It is handy to have all the fabrics for quilting for a specific project in one place – and a handled plastic carry case is perfect.  They stack nicely and contain everything neatly between plastic separators.  The brand I have is “Art Bin”, and I believe was designed for “art projects” – but it is also perfect for quilting projects.   Wicker – I love it!  Would you consider it to be a quilting tote?  I do!  It is so versatile and is easily washed.  The tote on the left is actually a picnic utensil caddy. Check out our links for different cases and organizers to accommodate your fat quarters and WIPs (works in progress).