There is a Secret to Quilting Racks!

July 13, 2014

What do you consider quilting racks to be?  I consider them something that are used for the display of quilts.  If you are like me, with lots of windows and not much wall space, there is a minimum amount of wall area to use for conventional quilting racks.  I do have some typical quilting racks in our home, but I’m going to address a few ways to display your quilts that might be a little different. In this photo of an antique cabinet, from my husband’s side of the family, I chose to have it in our Great Room and use it to store some of my smaller quilts.  They are kept away from the sun and are dust-free. I was unable to find just the right style of quilting racks that I had in mind.  So, I thought I’d go to my favorite local antique shop to see what I might find.  There were none in the shop at the time, but I thought I’d just do some browsing.  Around the corner was a Baker’s Rack that caught my eye and the light bulb went on in my head!  I decided it would be just the right thing to display quilts - it accommodates 10-12 good size quilts.  Perfect!     This photo shows how LeeAnn chose to display a couple of her quilts.  Using a quilt as a tablecloth is perfect to add warmth to a room, and it’s washable!  The quilt in the corner has been placed over a small antique bench and adds just the right touch in the room. Our suppliers at offer many beautiful options for displaying your quilts and I encourage you to check them out.  You can surely get some wonderful ideas and hopefully be able to find something that suits your home.  I’ve learned to also look around my home and use what I have available as a “rack”, a “display”, or as “storage” – all of which display my quilts and I choose to call them “quilting racks”.