How About Old Wash Tubs as Quilting Racks!

October 15, 2012    Sophie is on a mission to find unique objects that she can turn into quilting racks.   What a wonderful time was had on my weekend Fall color tour and now I am excited to get back to quilting.   My problem is that  by the time I get home from work there is not much daylight remaining and I have Fall yard work to do.  Although in a couple of weeks we will be turning back our clocks an hour and it will be dark when I get home.  Instead of working outside till it gets dark I can then spend more time quilting and finishing projects that I had purchased at the shop hop this summer. I'm really excited to get some quilts made as everything is set to start building  my cabin this spring.  I need quilts for all the beds and of course some to curl up with on those cool nights.  With building this cabin, I have become addicted to creating different ways to display the quilts I have made and will be making.  As mentioned in my last post, I like to find those unique items that work as quilting racks to display my quilts as decorations. During my lunch hour recently on one of the last beautiful Fall days, I couldn't stand staying in so I went for a walk.  A few blocks from were I work an antique shop opened a month ago and it's always closed after work so I wanted to check it out on my walk.  In the window was this old wash tub, I'm not sure if they used it for their clothes or for some other purpose.  The paint is gone in places, but it still looked to be in good shape.  With quilting racks in the back of my mind, this old wash tub could be perfect for displaying my quilts in addition to using the tub part for storage possibly.  Thank goodness I brought my credit card with on my I just have to remember to pick it up tomorrow. Don't ask me where I'm going to put this old wash tub, but finding creative quilting racks is a passion of mine now and I will find a spot somewhere!   We welcome your comments, which can be created by using the "Leave a Reply" box below. A new feature is the ability for you to attach photos to your comments. To attach a photo:  1.) At bottom of  "Leave a Reply" box, click on "Browse" or "Choose File".  2.) Find your photo in your computer's photo or document files.  3.) Double click on your photo file to attach it to your comment.  4.) The file name will be in the "Browse" or  "Choose File" window, although photo is not visible in Comment yet.  5.) Click "Submit Comment" to attach photo and complete Comment. Visit us at to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!