Mother Nature’s Quilting Design Wall

October 9, 2013

You might be wondering how Mother Nature enters into the topic of a quilting design wall.  What better time of the year than Fall to ask her for some help.  And - what better quilting design wall could we have than our outdoor surroundings? How many times have you been in a quandary about what colors to choose for your Fall seasonal quilt?  Walk outside and look at a “natural” design wall for choosing those colors, and take a photo which can assist you in pulling out your fabrics for quilting. Who said that you could only use a quilting design wall to lay out blocks?  Lay out swatches of fabrics on your quilting design wall to see if you like the color combinations - stand back and take a good look before you choose your fabrics for quilting. This photo shows various greens, reds, yellows, and oranges.  We know that with our beautiful Fall colors, we have variations of each of these colors - along with different values of each color.  When looking at a Burning Bush, we see colors varying from burgundy, to bright red, to a pinkish-red.         I had to take these photos.  The reflections on the water were awesome to my eye.  And, the goose on the shore thought I was going to feed him so I think he called in all his relatives and friends.  Before you knew it, I was surrounded by a whole flock!  (No, I did not feed them.)                 This photo does not show Fall in all its glory.  However, it does capture some of nature’s basic colors such as shades of grey, brown, and black (along with a few blues in the water).  All these basic colors can be used to calm down a quilt or help to highlight individual blocks.       Did you know that Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has its own flying saucer?  Actually, this is a photo of Marquette’s “Superior Dome” where various sporting events are held as well as big craft fairs, home shows, etc.         Are you going to try using your quilting design wall to audition your fabrics for quilting? We welcome your comments, which can be created by using the "Leave a Reply" box below. A new feature is the ability for you to attach photos to your comments. To attach a photo:  1.) At bottom of  "Leave a Reply" box, click on "Browse" or "Choose File".  2.) Find your photo in your computer's photo or document files.  3.) Double click on your photo file to attach it to your comment.  4.) The file name will be in the "Browse" or  "Choose File" window, although photo is not visible in Comment yet.  5.) Click "Submit Comment" to attach photo and complete Comment. Visit where quilting is…………………….A Great Habit.