Where Are All Those Quilter Supplies Going?

September 18, 2013

If you have never gone on a quilting retreat, I highly recommend it.  As you read this posting, thirteen Quilters from our local quilting group are having a fun-filled week at our annual quilting retreat at a Church Camp situated on a lake.  We are all under one roof to work, play, and rest for our personal little “vacation”. The work comes before leaving home.  Decisions have to be made about which projects to take to work on (making sure we have the right colored threads), and which quilter supplies will be needed (making sure we have our favorite tools – like my “awl” that I use all the time when I sew). This photo shows a quilting tote that holds rulers, mats, travel iron, surge protector, container with threads, as well as many other quilter supplies.             How can we go to a quilting retreat without cutters, pins, etc.?  This tool tote carries a seam gauge, extra machine needles, bobbins, and scissors among other items.  These quilter supplies are a must and we can’t work without them.           To some, the stacks in this photo may look like a mess.  To me, it looks like maybe some UFOs (unfinished objects) might finally get completed.  I’m just hoping I have all the quilter supplies necessary.  But, oh well, if not there is always a little road trip that we can make to a local quilt shop.         Then, of course, if you have anyone left at home you should consider what you can do to “help” them get along without you.  I used to prepare food ahead of time so there were meals in the refrigerator and freezer.  This did not work because I’d get home from a trip and would have to throw out all the refrigerator meals – and the freezer meals weren’t touched either.  Now, I really try and take good care of my husband and leave him with some of his favorite foods on the pantry shelves! A quilting retreat is a time to try and finish some of those UFO projects, gather with friends for some fun times, and just relax and feel like you are on a vacation.  We always have some gift exchanges, such as White Elephant, nice quilting-related gift, and fat quarters.  There are also some fun games played throughout our retreat days so we don’t work all the time!  Some of our Quilters take daily walks around the camp – surrounded by nature’s beauty. I’ll be posting some photos from our retreat soon, so keep checking to see what projects were completed.  Check out the quilter supplies shown in the upcoming photos to see what might be unique to you.  (we welcome your comments, see "Leave a Reply" below) Remember to visit QuiltAddict.com to see why quilting is………..a Great Habit.  
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