What Did Sophie Find In The Quilter Supplies Area?

June 18, 2012     Sophie is experiencing a "Shop Hop" for the first time with her friend Barb.  One shop done and nine more to go! The second shop we went to was just down the road a few miles.  Of course, who do we run into...the same group from the first shop, still laughing and having a good time. When entering the second shop, I was expecting to find pretty much the same fabric and quilter supplies as in the first shop...wrong!  This shop carried many fabrics that looked like the old days...vintage!  They had the old metal tables and chairs with table cloths made from the vintage fabric covering them, with antique dishes to finish off the adorable display.  Nestled amongst the dishes were "Charm Packs" which were used to make the table cloth on that table.  I learned that a "Charm Pack" is usually forty different 5 inch squares from a certain fabric line.  What an easy way to buy fabric for this table cloth that I am going to make...so simple you don't even need a pattern. Meandering around the shop, I came across a quilt they had made up that reminded me of Grandma...in fact it's called Grandmother's Flower Garden.  They made it using all different vintage fabrics with a cream color that separated each flower.  Sitting next to this quilt display was a lady demonstrating how to make the hexagon blocks for it.  She started with a precut card stock hexagon, which comes in various sizes.  She then cut a square of fabric larger than the hexagon, layed the fabric over the hexagon and turned under the fabric and hand stitched around it.  When she had enough blocks made for that one flower, she hand stitched them together into the shape of a flower. When the quilt is totally sewn together the paper is removed from the hexagons.  What a great project to work on while watching TV...another must to make.  I was directed over to the quilter supplies area to find the hexagons and the pattern.  The pattern suggested using fat quarters (fabric) in many different colors and patterns...bought 20 fat quarters to start with. I have to get out of this store!!!  I'm buying everything I see...still 8 stores to shop. In your accumulation of quilter supplies, what tool do you use the most? (see "Leave a Comment" below)   Buy Quilter Supplies at Great Prices from our Partners (below)!       Also at QuiltAddict.com