Sophie Learns About Quilter Supplies

April 19, 2012   Sophie is "pumped" after seeing the beautiful quilts that her instructor Linda has made.  Bring on the quilt lessonsshe wants to learn how to sew quilts! Linda had us introduce ourselves and tell if we have any quilting experience.  Most of the ladies were "Newbie" quilters like me.  A few had tried sewing some squares together, but they just didn't line up very well and they threw away their first attempt at quilting.  Linda assured us that by taking the quilt lessons, we would be taught how to make those squares line up perfectly.  Linda sure has a lot of confidence in us. The quilter supplies that we were learning how to use were so different from the ones I saw my Grandma use.  When I was old enough to watch her cut out the pieces for her quilts, she would take a piece of cardboard, cut it into a square, and trace around it with a pencil and cut out the fabric with scissors.  The scissors have been replaced by the rotary cutter, which is like a round razor blade.  Linda explained that when you use this rotary cutter you also use this special mat which is self healing and helps keep your rotary blade sharp.  I didn't quite understand this "self healing" term until she showed us by cutting piece of fabric on the mat with the rotary cutter.  I was amazed at how easy and fast it was to cut the fabric and it didn't even leave a cut mark in the I understand self healing. The last of the quilter supplies to learn about was the ruler.  The one everyone had bought to start out with was the 6" X 24" ruler which is a nice size to use when first learning how to cut your fabric.  She demonstrated how to line up the fabric with the lines on the ruler before you make your cuts. She warned us that when we hold down the ruler to cut our fabric, we need to keep our hand as far away from the cutting edge as possible for we want to put stitches in fabric not hands!  We practiced with the rotary cutter and ruler on some scraps of fabric to get used to how the rotary cutter slices through the fabric so easily.  This rotary cutter is quite the tool and a must-have in today's quilting world. I wonder what the Quilters who were quilting 50 years ago would think of these new quilter supplies? The first lesson flew by and we learned alot about the basic quilter supplies needed to start out with.  Lee Ann and Sharon have confirmed the quilter supplies shown when clicking on highlighted words, are at very good prices and can be purchased directly from these Supplier's Website page links.  For those of you who have been quilting for you have stories to share with us, about the tools and supplies you used in your earlier quilting days?