Quilter Supplies - How to Choose And Take Care Of #1

May 25, 2014 When we talk about quilter supplies, we mainly think of rulers, mats, scissors, etc.  These items really don’t need a lot of attention and care, other than making sure our rotary cutters have sharp blades and we have sharp needles for our sewing machines. On my list of quilter supplies, I would rank my sewing machine as #1.  Without it, I would not be quilting because I am not a “hands-only” type of gal. Are you in the market for your very first sewing machine?  Or, are you in the position of upgrading your present sewing machine?  There are so many options available today within each brand that sometimes a person has a difficult time making that big decision. If you are using your sewing machine for quilting, the bare minimum feature you would need is forward/reverse and a zig-zag option.  If you are in the market to expand your quilting into the addition of machine embroidery, then you need to look for a good computerized machine with many options. No matter what type of machine you use, it is to your advantage to have a large “throat” area.  This is the area to the right of your needle where sometimes the bulk of your project lies while being sewn.  It is also helpful to have the option of either being able to move your needle position to obtain a quarter inch seam, or use a foot that guides you to a true quarter inch seam. When in the market for a new sewing machine, check out your local quilt shops, check on-line at QuiltAddict.com to see what our suppliers offer, and peruse the isles of quilt shows to take advantage of the demonstrations that various sewing machine companies offer. No matter what type of quilter supplies you have, you want to make sure to always take good care of them.  Check out the “Spring sewing machine cleaning” video here and in our video library to see how you can clean your sewing machine.  Good maintenance is one key to good sewing – don’t forget to periodically have your machine also checked over by a reputable dealer.