Quilter Supplies At A Hardware Store?

September 14, 2013 So, your husband wants to go to the hardware store and invites you to go along.  What do you normally say?  No?  Well, if you have some spare time you might want to tag along – you never know what quilter supplies you may come across. I recently learned of some “new” quilter supplies that I had never thought of before.  You might be enlightened just like I was. How many of you get neck and back fatigue from sitting at your sewing machine for a long time?  I know I do, and many years ago I checked out some quilter supplies and purchased a tilt table for my machine. As you can see in this photo, there is a raised “ledge on the left side and a “lip” on the right side.  Your sewing machine is placed on this table with the lip facing you – this prevents your machine from sliding off the tilt table and the ledge tilts your machine so it is at a more normal angle for your body.  It helps to keep you at a more normal position while sewing and really helps to lessen your neck and back discomfort.  It works!     If you want to try your machine in this position to see if it helps, you can take the “economical” approach.  Go to your local hardware store and purchase two door stops (your “new” quilter supplies).  Space them apart under the backside of your sewing machine and take a test drive to see how you like it.  One thing that is better about the door stops is that they take up next to no room and pack well for your quilting retreats.   Hopefully you will try these new quilter supplies and let me know how you like them.                    (see "Leave a Reply" below) Thanks for visiting us at QuiltAddict.com where quilting is………..A Great Habit.  
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