Make "Heat Press Batting Together" Tape a Staple in Your Quilter Supplies

February 1, 2013 How many of you quilters have stacks and stacks of batting in many different sizes and types?  You are sending a quilt off to your long arm quilter and after using your quilter supplies to square it up, you are able to salvage a few batting scraps.  Could they eventually be  used someday in another project versus throwing them away?  How many times have you needed a piece of batting and your scraps were  just a few inches short?  Of course, we hate to cut into a large piece of batting that would work well for a another quilt.  Have you attempted to piece batting together using a needle and thread?  If so, when done stitching them together, you probably will have a piece of batting that doesn't lay flat. These are all common situations and questions. Heat Press Batting Together 1 1-2in x 100yds   There is a solution, as new quilter supplies are being developed constantly to make our quilting experience less time consuming and more economical.  One of the quilter supplies on the market today is the "Heat Press, Batting Together" fusible tape.  This tape was created by Jeanne Harwood who is a long arm quilter and designer.  This fusible tape will allow you to connect pieces of batting together by butting up the seams and adhering them together by heating the tape with an iron.  This tape will stretch with the batting and will will never come apart even when washed.  The Heat Press, Batting Together fusible tape works on all kinds of batting. This fusible cloth tape is available in 3/4" and 1 1/2" widths, in black or white color and in various roll lengths.  These quilter supplies and many more are available at to learn about and purchase. heat press batting together - video image". I can personally say that I have used the Heat Press, Batting Together fusible tape and it works very well.  Belonging to a group of quilters who make comfort quilts for those  in need, we are very frugal about using up scraps of batting that are left over from other quilts.  Since we found this product and started using it, there are very few small pieces of batting laying around now.  When you look in our groups cabinet of quilter will find many rolls of Heat Press, Batting Together ready to be used. It works great! Thanks for visiting us at where quilting is……………..A Great Habit. We welcome your comments, which can be created by using the "Comment" box below. A new feature is the ability for you to attach photos to your comments. To attach a photo:  1.) At bottom of  "Comment" box, click on "Browse" or "Choose File".  2.) Find your photo in your computer's photo or document files.  3.) Double click on your photo file to attach it to your comment.  4.) The file name will be in the "Browse" or  "Choose File" window, although photo is not visible in Comment yet.  5.) Click "Submit Comment" to attach photo and complete Comment.