Great New Quilting Supplies Website Launches

April 6, 2012 It’s been quite a journey.  We finally are off the ground with our new adventure.  Our website,, has been developed mainly because of our passion for quilting and the desire to share and teach others in this creative process. We are a team of three – LeeAnn and Sharon, who are the Quilt Addicts, and Doug who is kept around to keep the website/blogs up and running.  We are located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where it is very quiet and leaves us a lot of time for our passion – Quilting. Our snow is just about gone, and we feel Spring in the air as the temperatures rise to a comfortable level.  We no longer have to totally bundle up to take a walk, and we will soon be able to pack our winter boots away.  Snowmobiling is over with, but we gals are fortunate – we have A Great Habit that can be enjoyed year-round.  How about you – what do you enjoy doing year-round? Spring always brings to mind all the wonderful new fabrics for quilting that appear in the catalogs and quilt shops.  We can always come up with a reason to shop for new quilter supplies and take a little shop hop to some great fabrics shops. Through our trials and errors, we have learned much and want to share with you simplified methods and techniques that will help you in accomplishing your goals – beautiful quilts.  We also want to highlight some of the newer tools that are on the market that Experienced Quilters might want to try, along with helping you find those gorgeous fabrics for quilting. As you can see by our Website, we are linked with trusted sites that offer quality products for quilting, such as:  quilter supplies and quilt templates.  Please continue to check our Website,, for special offers and free quilt patterns.  Through weekly Blog postings and articles, topics will be addressed which will help both the Newbie Quilter as well as the Experienced Quilter, including options for quilting racks and quilting totes.   We will show you the basic skills that will get you on your way to beginner quilting.  Some of our topics will cover how to sew quilts, and we will bring you through the process from cutting to piecing to layering, and finally how to finish that great project.  Have you ever used or made a quilting design wall?   We will show you some options through our postings.  Do you have a quilting design wall you want to share with our Readers? We also want to introduce you to Sophie, our “Newbie Quilter”.  She will take you into the world of quilting from the eyes of a beginner.  Her story will lead you through the process of making a quilt from beginning to end, by way of some quilt lessons As time goes on, Sophie will meet some Experienced Quilters from whom she will learn many new things. Sophie has no clue at this point how her life will be enriched by the friends she will make along the way.  She will soon meet some of these quilters and will learn just how generous quilters are with their time and talents.  Sophie is on her way to begin “A Great Habit”. Please join us in our journey.