Cutting Edge Quilter Supplies

As I'm writing this post the water in the lake is finally moving and not a solid sheet of ice anymore, it has been one crazy spring in the the U.P. of Michigan.  I have to admit when the weather gets nice outside it is hard for me to stay in and quilt the day away.  That doesn't mean my machines get covered up and my quilter supplies are put away for the summer. I just don't spend the hours holed up in my quilt room stitching the day away (unless it's raining and storming out). This weeks quilter supplies on sale are a selection of scissors at great prices. I'm guessing there are a few of you out there who are very protective of your scissors, especially for quilting.  When we purchase a good quality scissors for cutting fabric...that is all they are used for. When choosing the scissors needed for our quilter supplies, keep in mind what you will be using them for.  If you are cutting large amounts of fabric you should maybe look at scissors that have longer blades.  Fiskars Easy Action Scissor - 8inFiskars has a multi-purpose soft touch 8" scissor with a cushion grip and easy spring action that greatly reduces hand fatigue. Retails for $22.99, on sale $14.24   (38% OFF) Fiskars Micro-Tip 9921FFor trimming threads, a smaller bladed scissors work well. Fiskars also has their easy spring action style in a shorter 2" blade normally retailing for $17.19 on sale $11.34   (34% OFF)  scissors - Double Curved Embroidery Scissor Large Loop 3 1-2in - 1When working on embroidery or other fine cutting projects , the scissors that work well are curved allowing you to reach into an embroidery hoop to cut close without harming the fabric. Havel's offer an embroidery scissors that will do the job and retails for $11.70 on sale $7.99  (32% OFF)        Scissors - Bordeaux Ultimate 1 - 6 3-4inIf you are  looking for a higher end scissor with a low price,Clover offers the Bordeaux 6 3/4" which retails for $63.00 on sale $37.17  (41% OFF)           Scissors are one of our most important quilter supplies that are used constantly and we can never have too many scissors for different types of cutting.  Remember......Quilting is "A Great Habit" Thanks for visiting us at where quilting is……………..A Great Habit. We welcome your comments, which can be created by using the "Comment" box below. A new feature is the ability for you to attach photos to your comments. To attach a photo:  1.) At bottom of  "Comment" box, click on "Browse" or "Choose File".  2.) Find your photo in your computer's photo or document files.  3.) Double click on your photo file to attach it to your comment.  4.) The file name will be in the "Browse" or  "Choose File" window, although photo is not visible in Comment yet.  5.) Click "Submit Comment" to attach photo and complete Comment.