Where Did Sophie Find a Mini Quilt Lesson?

May 21,2012     Sophie has completed her beginner quilt lessons, and is now on her own to finish the lap quilt.  What she learned through the classes is just the tip of the quilting iceberg.   I have two months to finish my quilt.  When we all have our quilts completed, we are going to have a pot luck supper at the quilt shop for a revealing of our masterpieces.   I have to keep working on my blocks while everything is still fresh in my mind from what I learned in the quilt lessons. It's Saturday morning and I'm drinking that first wonderful cup of coffee.  I turned on the TV to see what is going on in the world.  As I was flipping through the channels I came across a quilting show which was demonstrating chain piecing...hadn't heard of it before.  As I was watching the demonstration I knew this was something that would be beneficial to any quilter. Chain piecing is a great time saver. When you chain piece, you are sewing two pieces of fabric together with a continuous line of stitching.   When you're done chaining all your pieces, remove from the machine and then clip apart. There is no limit on how many pieces you can chain together.  What I just learned in this mini quilt lesson is something I am going to try when I make my remaining blocks for my quilt. How to Chain Piece Quilt Blocks  (video) I went into my quilt room to try this chain piecing technique.  Absolutely amazing how fast you can put these sets together when you eliminate the cutting between each set.  I had all my sets sewn together in no time at all. I will finish sewing my blocks together tonight, it's time to get outside and enjoy the sun and plant a few flowers! Have you ever watched any of the quilt lessons shows on TV and learned something new?  (see "Leave a Reply" below)