What Does "Passion" Have To Do With A Beginner Quilting Class?

July 10, 2014

The dictionary’s definition of passion is “a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept”.   Well, I guess that describes me!  I have a sewing room that I could live in 24/7 IF I had a bathroom (with a shower, of course), a microwave (mainly for popcorn), and a dorm-size refrigerator to accommodate fruit, cold drinks, and maybe some cheese.  I have found my passion along with A Great Habit.  I believe Sophie is on her way to finding her passion too, through quilting.

As a person getting into beginner quilting, and not really knowing what I was doing, the first quilt I ever made was from my polyester maternity tops which I had sewn myself.  In my opinion, it was a waste of money to purchase those articles of clothing that would be worn for only a few months.  Once our family was complete, with a boy and girl, I decided that no one on earth would want my hand-me-down maternity tops, so what better way to use them than to chop, chop, chop away and make a quilt.  That very warm quilt is still like new today – it will probably never wear out!

Beginner Quilting Lessons found in books. (click image to purchase) There were no Quilters in my family, and there were no beginner quilting classes that I was aware of, nor were there great websites to go to for guidance and help, such as www.QuiltAddict.com  Those of you who are “less-mature”, have to realize that home computers were not available and the term “website” didn’t even exist.  Imagine that!  (Oops – that does place me in a certain age category, doesn’t it?) I have come a long way in the area of quilting – from beginner quilting (not really knowing what I was doing and having to learn on my own) to becoming a quilting instructor.  One never knows what lies ahead.  My advice to you is to take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way with beginner quilting classes, and have fun with them! Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why quilting is........A Great Habit!