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  • Sophie Is Excited To Learn How To Sew Quilts

    April 3, 2012     What a memorable day I had with the Lake Gogebic Community Quilters.  They sure got me excited about learning how to sew quilts, and were so helpful with others who were having a rough time learning the process. On Thursday when I got back to work, I was thrilled to tell my co-workers about these amazing women who showed me how to sew quilts, and have a good time doing it.  Most of them are retired and spend the winter in the U.P., but a few travel south to get out of the snow.  I only spent 5 hours with them but it feels like I now have a bunch of new friends. Friday came quickly …I wish every week was only two days long.  That night I made plans to have supper with my good friend Barb.  It had been a long time since we had seen each other so we spent hours catching up on what has been going on in our lives.  Barb was telling me that now that her kids are older, she has been taking some quilt lessons and learning how to sew quilts at a shop not far from her home.  She was really excited about it and it was rubbing off on me.  I told her that taking quilt lessons and learning how to sew quilts were on my Bucket List. When we departed that night, she encouraged me to start taking time to do those things I have always wanted to do. Saturday, while I was out grocery shopping, I stopped at a quilt shop just down the road.  Of course, when I went in I was totally overwhelmed by all the colors that are in the fabrics for quilting that were on display.  I browsed around the store waiting for the clerk to finish with her customer.  When she was done I asked her if they offered beginner quilting classes. She found her list of classes and I was amazed at how many different classes were offered - from learning how to sew quilts to learning machine embroidery.  We figured out what class I should take since I'm a "Newbie" who needs to start from the beginning.  I left the store excited that I had taken the first step in starting a new adventure by signing up for quilt lessonsplus crossing one thing off my Bucket List! That night while trying to fall asleep, I realized that I never asked about what supplies I needed to get started.  We were so busy talking that both of us forgot about it.  I called the quilt shop on Monday to check, and she recommended that to begin with, a sewing machine, mat, ruler and rotary cutter would do.  I guess it never dawned on me that I don't have a sewing machine and I would need one.  I guess another day of shopping is in store for me ...love it! I am so excited to learn how to sew quilts and get going on my other dreams.  Are you taking the time to fulfill your dreams?

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