Look What Sophie Made After Some Beginner Quilting Lessons!

May 14, 2012    The week is flying by and Sophie still has two blocks to finish before her next quilt lesson on Saturday. It is turning into one of those weeks from #@%# at work, co-workers out sick so you need to cover for them, a seminar to attend and quarterly reports to go out.  At the end of the day my butt is draggin! Friday is here and the start of the weekend. The traffic on the way home was crazy, the freeway was bumper to bumper with campers and boats headed North to spend a relaxing weekend at the cabin or on the lake fishing.  I wish I was going away for the weekend, but I'm excited to take my last beginner quilting lesson tomorrow.  Tonight I need to finish two more of my log cabin blocks for class tomorrow...nothing like waiting till the last minute. I had better get going on my blocks, since I am a beginner, quilting for only one month...I'm not the speediest!  I am working on my third block and I know how it goes together, I just have to make sure I sew slow,  have acurate seam allowances and press.  It was so nice to just walk into my quilt room where I can leave my sewing machine set up and the project I'm working on is already spread out.  I can just sit down and start sewing whenever I have time. With all my strips still laid out in order I began sewing. After each strip was sewn on I had to get up and press the seam...up, down, up, down...that's 16 times for one block.  I know that is good exercise, but it was taking so much time so I came up with Plan B.  I took a bath towel and folded it in half and placed it on my sewing table next to my machine to use as a pressing pad...worked PERFECT!!!!       In a short period of time I had the two remaining blocks completed.   I layed all four of the blocks together in a row like the pattern showed...I was amazed how easy they were to make and how beautiful they looked.  I am excited to see what we learn tomorrow at my last beginner quilting lesson. What is the most memorable tip you learned at your beginner quilting lessons?                       (see "Leave a Reply" below)