Let's All Be "Square"......A Beginner Quilting Journey

May 18, 2014 Let’s get one thing settled before going further.  Quilters use the term “squaring-up”, which refers to the four corners of your quilt blocks and quilt tops being trimmed to a 90-degree angle, by using a square rulerIt does not always mean that your finished blocks or quilt tops are an actual “square”. If you are a Newbie Quilter, you will hopefully learn in your initial quilt lessons how to “square-up” your blocks as well as your finished quilt tops.  Your Quilting Instructor should make this an important part of your beginner quilting experience.  Check on Sophie’s progress with her quilt lessons to make sure she has learned this technique. Some Experienced Quilters do not take the time to do this one little step and often find themselves in trouble - their wall hangings may look “topsy-turvy” or their larger quilts do not have the same outside border width.  Being “square” is important to all quilters!   Do you have your quilts professionally quilted?  If so, please help your Professional Quilter in saving him/her time and yourself money by making sure your individual blocks are all squared-up as well as your quilt top.  Also, make sure you have additional fabric for your backing - a minimum of 6” extra, both vertically and horizontally (3” minimum per side). The two videos presented in this Posting will hopefully help to visually guide you in squaring-up your blocks as you create them.  And, hopefully you will be able to see how easy it is to square-up your large quilts once they are completed.   Squaring Up Your Blocks [youtube]http://youtu.be/YuqauFfA5xk[/youtube]   Squaring Up Your Quilt [youtube]http://youtu.be/DeYAOkl55NY[/youtube]   I use my large 20 ½” Square Ruler for squaring up all my larger projects.  If you make larger quilts, consider investing in this quilting ruler, or add it to your wish gift list.