Let’s Go To A Quilt Show To Check Out The Quilter Supplies!

September 7, 2013 Quilt Shows are great!  They provide awesome inspiration and make a person want to quickly get home and start another project.  They also provide some great information and demos on new quilter supplies. This is the “archway” into the Grand Rapids AQS Quilt Show held August 22-25.  Quilters often head for the Vendors first because the quilts are not going anywhere, but the Vendors just might run out of that popular new tool. “Big” quilt shows have hundreds of quilts on display.  There are always special exhibits to check out as well as hundreds of Vendors displaying their products, which of course are for sale.  Quilters can find many types of quilter supplies (some favorites and some new on the market) and you can really “browse” the booths IF you manage to get there early.  There are lectures and classes by nationally known Quiltmakers.  Some of the classes require you to bring your own sewing machine, and of course the lectures mainly require you to have a pad of paper and a pen to take notes.   Is anyone up for a shopping day?  This photo shows some of the many Quilters looking over some Vendor booths.  There are always fabrics, patterns, tools, and kits available, as well as embellishments.  It can become quite hectic where it’s impossible to get into some of the displays to even see the products, which of course means you have to make another pass through the aisles (and also that means you just might find something you missed on your first round). Quilt Shows have special exhibits and wide aisles between the quilts so people can take their time enjoying the workmanship and take a few personal photos.  These “people photos” show some of the many Quilters enjoying the various exhibits. A few of the special quilt exhibits in Grand Rapids were an awesome display of Mary Buvia’s quilts, a wonderful array of fifty works by Japanese Artists, and my favorite which was the “Stitch Like an Egyptian:  Tentmakers of Cairo” exhibit. There were many additional special exhibits, some by professionals and some by Quilters like you and me. I did add some new rulers to my quilter supplies, and of course a “little” fabric.  I have not yet had time to try out the rulers, but I am quite sure I am going to like them. Hopefully you will come back to our website to learn more about the Grand Rapids AQS Quilt Show – I will certainly have more information about the Egyptian Tentmakers for you next week, and I plan on showing you what a great, inexpensive “tool” you can purchase at your local hardware store! Thanks for visiting QuiltAddict.com, and come again to see why quilting is…..A Great Habit.