Learning How to Sew Quilts Can Be Frustrating!

August 17, 2012

When we are first learning how to sew quilts, our quilt lessons come to us in many different ways.  We learn from our Quilting Instructors, quilting magazines and books, demos on our television or computer, from fellow Quilters, and we learn from our own mistakes.

Have you ever purchased a pattern only to find that you couldn’t understand the directions, or it had you jumping through hoops when you knew there was an easier method of doing the same thing?  Did you find that you were short on fabrics for quilting but yet you bought the correct amount according to the pattern?  Did any of these situations cause you to become frustrated?

Once I find a quilting pattern I like, I tend to purchase more from the same pattern designer.  Apparently some pattern designers do not call upon an impartial person to make the project prior to production of the pattern. This is a “Mariner’s Compass” project that I drafted into a size that utilized less foundation paper.  I can be frugal when it comes to certain quilting supplies!             This is a “Storm at Sea” wall hanging (or table topper) that is also foundation pieced in a manner that wisely utilized foundation paper. Through successes and failures, I have learned from my mistakes.  However, I am continuously “re-learning” the same things as they tend to sometimes slip my mind!  So many times, Newbie Quilters feel like a failure when they make a mistake.  We have ALL been there – the secret is to learn from each and every one of those mishaps. Quilt lessons are so beneficial, whether you are a Newbie Quilter or an Experienced Quilter.  There are always various levels of quilt lessons available, and new quilter supplies on the market.  Take some lessons and check out the new supplies – they will only assist you on your journey of creating your masterpiece! Please share with us some of the frustrations you have encountered when you learned how to sew quilts.     (see "Leave a Reply" below)  Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why quilting is…………….A Great Habit!