How to Sew Quilts the Easy Way

November 12, 2013

Have you ever wanted to make a crazy quilt, but didn’t want to have to make your own pattern, or take your mound of scraps and figure out what shapes to cut and where to sew each piece?  I can offer you a solution on how to sew quilts the easy way when creating a “crazy” quilt project. There are two well-known methods for creating a crazy quilt.  One uses foundation paper with pattern guidelines to follow, and the other uses another fabric, such as muslin, as a foundation with no guidelines to follow. Precision Quilt Cuts is a new company that provides Kits of pre-cut fabrics which create a quilt project that may look time-consuming, or difficult, but it is neither.  The first of several free quilt patterns that will be offered is a 29” x 29” “Quarter Crazy Table Topper”.  Nine different fabrics for quilting have been chosen and pre-cut into nine different pieces for nine completed blocks.  This Kit includes the Inner Border, Outer Border, and Binding fabrics (enough to sew a Table Runner if you want instead of the Table Topper).  The Kits currently available include a variety of Christmas prints in “traditional” colors of red/greens and another Kit is offered in “Winter Blues”. PHOTO OF SAMPLE When learning how to sew quilts, the “Quarter Crazy Table Topper” is a great beginner quilting project, because it comes with all fabrics for the top and binding.  How many of you have a hard time choosing your fabrics for quilting - why not let someone else do it?  This would be the perfect small project for the person learning how to sew quilts, and would provide a great deal of self-confidence in completing a project in a short time. Do you want to create something that looks like it took you days to complete, but it only takes you a few hours to construct?  If you are looking for free quilt patterns that only “look” complicated and time consuming, this project may be for you. There will be additional “Quarter Crazy” Kits available in the future with other fabrics for quilting, as well as other die-cut designs.  These Kits will be available exclusively through - so keep checking back to see what other Kits may be offered in the future.  If you are interested in a special order, contact and your request for information will be forwarded to the appropriate individual. DOUG - COULD YOU PLUG IN HERE HOW TO FIND THIS KIT? Let Precision Quilt Cuts help you to learn how to sew quilts the easy way - and provide you with an option for a special gift for a special Quilter.