Her Bucket List gets a Check for Quilt Lessons

April 23, 2012   Last week at Sophie's "First" quilt lesson she learned about the basic quilter supplies. She knows that there are alot more on the market, but these were the essential ones to start out with. Why do weekends go by so fast?  It's Monday again.  The drive into work was uneventful...which is a good thing considering... I was thinking more about quilting than the traffic. I was having an easy Monday, no problems I had to deal with...so far!  I was excited for lunch time so I could tell my co-workers about the quilt lessons that I had signed up for.  I have been working with this great group of ladies for many years, the one thing most of us have in common is we like to be creative.  Some of the girls were into knitting and crocheting, scrapbooking, counted cross-stitch and painting.  I knew they would be interested in what I had learned in the "first" of my quilt lessons. My internal clock...growling stomach, was telling me it was lunch time.  We were all eating our lunches and sharing how our weekends were.  I proudly explained to them that I had crossed off a goal on my Bucket List by signing up for quilt lessons I was wishing that I would of brought my camera to class, so I could show them pictures of the beginner quilts that my instructor had made.   They would be so impressed that after a few quilt lessons I would be able to make a quilt as beautiful as the instructors.  I was explaining that the first lesson was on the quilter supplies and how to use them and the next lesson was on fabrics for quilting.  The girls were interested in my quilt lessons and glad that I had accomplished a goal, but they will be excited and maybe a little bit jealous when I show them my completed project! Who knows, Sophie may have planted the quilting bug in her co-workers after they see her finished project. What inspired you to start quilting?  (Can leave comment at bottom of page)