Did I Say "Free" Quilt Patterns?

June 4, 2012    Sophie has recently joined a "Block Swap" project and is searching the internet for free quilt patterns that she has heard about.   I could not keep my eyes open any longer last night as I was looking for free quilt patterns on various quilting websites.  Hopefully tonight, with fresher eyes I will be able to find a block to use. Where did all this cold rainy weather come from?  I thought summer was here.  I'm kind of glad that the weather is lousy, so I don't feel guilty staying in to get some work done.  The project that needs some time now is the quilt blocks for class, I still have three more of the Jacob's Ladder blocks to make.  Since I have learned how to chain piece, it shouldn't be a problem getting the three blocks finished...maybe even tonight! I have probably told you before how nice it is to walk into my quilt room and have my sewing machine, ironing board and cutting table out and ready to be used.  The pieces to the Jacob's Ladder blocks are still laying where I last left them...I love just shutting the door to hide the mess. With the tunes playing, and the rain hitting the windows I start chain piecing my sets together.  I am getting faster at sewing, but I still have to watch my quarter inch seams.  Fortunately. being able to keep my un-sewing (ripping) to a minimum, my three Jacob's Ladder blocks were done in an hour.  I am even starting to impress myself....this is fun! Since there are still a few hours left till bed, I am going to jump on-line to find the free quilt patterns.  I did find a great site at www.FreeQuiltPatterns.info that had many blocks to chose from.... not all of them were the size I needed.  After some more searching I finally found the one I was going to use. With my pattern in place, I must go to the quilt shop to find some fabric...LOVE IT!!!!! Where have you found free quilt patterns? What website is best for free quilt patterns?                  (see "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!