Sophie Meets a Beginner: Quilting Forms Friendships!

March, 30 2012    As I left you last week, I was making a commitment to changing my life.  I was tired of the same old struggles of fighting traffic, the long hours at work, and no "ME" "time. The weekend would be here in a few days, and there was no way I was going to stay in and clean the house, when the weather forecast was calling for beautiful sunny skies.  It had been a month already since I took a week of vacation on Lake Gogebic, but it was calling me to come back.  I have all this vacation time to use up so I decided to take extra time over my long weekend and go back to the U.P. I stayed at one of the local motels on the north end of Lake Gogebic instead of renting a cabin.  When I was checking in, I noticed that the lady was working on a quilt, so of course I had to ask her about it.  She said that as a beginner, quilting was becoming so addictive that she was taking quilt lessons from a lady on the lake.  I informed her that learning how to sew quilts was on my Bucket List.  She wondered if I would still be here on Wednesday, because there is a group that gets together and makes comfort quilts for those in need. She invited me to go with her. I called back to work to check if it was OK to take an extra day off.  Thank goodness it was a slow week and there was no need to hurry back so I decided to attend for the day.  I was kind of nervous about going because I knew nothing about quilting.  Gay, the lady from the motel, invited me to ride with her and we went to the township/fire hall where they quilt.  I felt like a fish out of water, nervous as all heck, but was greeted with open arms -  these ladies are so friendly.  The group calls themselves the Lake Gogebic Community Quilters.  Sharon, the lady who started the group was also the lady who Gay was taking quilt lessons from, came over and introduced herself. Since I had no knowledge on how to sew quilts, she had me help the girls by pressing the fabrics for quilting, threading needles, and just watching what they do.  It was amazing how much they got done, because they do a lot of laughing and talking...this is my kind of group.  Even though it was only my first time joining them, I could tell that they had a very special bond with each other.  It didn't matter if they were a beginner, quilting for the first time, taking quilt lessons, or have a few years under their belt...they all shared the love of quilting and all have giving hearts.  Being with these girls got me excited about quilting and helping others. Being  a beginner, quilting may look hard to do. After watching the ladies....maybe not! Why is it so hard for me to leave the U.P.?  I spend one day with these unbelievable ladies, and I feel the bond of friendship with them. As a welcomed beginner, quilting with the Lake Gogebic Community Quilters was a great experience.  Have you ever attended or joined a quilting group or guild?