What Kind of Fabrics for Quilting Did Sophie Find Interesting?

June 25, 2012    Sophie is working her way through all the quilt shops on her first "Shop Hop"! Two more shops to go before we hit the half way mark...then we will take a breather and have some lunch. We didn't have any idea what we would find in this quilt shop for it was in a basement of a building in a trendy part of town.  The streets were lined with many different types of art studios, coffee shops with little bistro tables out on the sidewalks, and boutiques with very fashionable and spendy clothes.  Outside the door of the quilt shop was a piece of metal art that depicted a spool of thread, needle and a piece of fabric...pretty cool. The shop was small and very modern.  What first caught my attention was the type of fabrics for quilting that stocked most of the shelves.  I had seen some of it at other shops, but not to this volume.  I asked my friend Barb about it and she said it is called "Batik".  It is still 100% cotton, but the dying process is different from the regular cotton that I had purchased for my projects. We were greeted kindly by one of the sales clerks who was working and asked if we needed any help.  I was curious to find out more about the batik fabric, being a "newbie" quilter and having not worked with it yet.  The clerk told us that the batik fabrics for quilting are made in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and India. The cloth is tradionally woven, but what makes it so different is the manual wax-resist dyeing method they use.  We both found it very interesting and wouldn't it be fun to tour these factories, to watch them create the beautiful batik fabrics for quilting...maybe I should put that on my "Bucket List" too. As we walked around the store and checked out bolt after bolt of the beautiful batik fabrics for quilting we were amazed.  Someday I will come back and purchase some batiks, and make one " breath taking" quilt out of it.   Does anyone have a preference "Cotton vs Batik" when making quilts?   (See "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!