What Did Sophie Do To Her Fabrics For Quilting?

April 25, 2012    Our first lesson we learned about the essential quilter supplies needed to get started, but other supplies such as straight pins, a ripper, scissors and thread are now needed as we begin working with the  fabrics for quilting. Saturday is here again and today is the day that I get to use my new machine and start cutting into those beautiful big pieces of fabric for quilting...Oh, I hope I don't screw up! We all arrived and got set up, it took me a little while to figure out how to plug in my machine and find the on/off button, but now I'm all set to go.  Linda had us bring our cutting mats over to a set of tables that were raised higher than the ones we were going to sew on.  I was wondering from our first lesson why the tables were raised. Linda greeted everyone and displayed the lap quilt that we were going to make.  This quilt used four different block patterns and we needed to make four blocks of each pattern  The block today that we were going to make is called the "Log Cabin" block. We were all gathered around our cutting mats with ruler, cutter, fabric and pattern ready to start cutting.  Before we started cutting, Linda asked the question "Does anyone know why the cutting tables are higher than the ones you sew on"?  No one responded to her question for we were not positive on the answer.  She said that alot of quilters will raise their tables to a comfortable height to save their backs from bending while cutting...I will have to remember that tip! We took our pattern out and found the cutting directions. I wasn't the only one starting to get nervous when I saw how many pieces I had to cut out of the fabric for quilting.  Linda assured us that reading the cutting directions was not hard if you take it step by step.  If you have blocks very close in size, use masking tape and write the size down and stick it to those pieces. I remembered how to square the ruler up to the edge of the fabric fold before cutting...I was so nervous that I would cut it wrong, but once I got the first edge straight, cutting went pretty easy.  The saying, measure twice and cut once was running through my head with each cut.  I was so proud of myself that the strips were all the correct size and I still had all my fingers left after my first attempt at cutting.  When everyone was done cutting it was lunch time already! Do you have any tips on cutting your fabric for quilting that could be a time saver for Sophie and other quilters?  (see "Leave a Reply" below)