What An Inspiration For Fabrics For Quilting!

June 29, 2014 Have you ever considered flowers to be your inspiration for choosing fabrics for quilting?  As I was weeding one of our flower beds this morning, I looked at all the beautiful colors and pondered the idea of how flowers can inspire us Quilters in choosing our fabrics.  There are many colors right now in this particular flower bed, but I am anticipating the surprise of many more colors to come. How do you pick out colors when shopping for fabrics for quilting?  Do you just look at what is available and choose from those, or do you have a specific color family or color value in mind?  When considering green fabrics for instance, do you have a hard time in picking just the right shade of green?  In a garden, it is so eye-appealing when there are dark greens, blue-greens, and yellow-greens neighboring one another.  When making a quilt, you wouldn’t want to mix those greens within your quilt, but a particular shade of a garden green might just be the “perfect” green you are looking for and had not yet considered. Sometimes, when looking at a flower garden, there is a particular mixture of “strange” colors showing their brilliance that you would have never thought of placing in a quilt.  That “strange” combination might be just what is needed to make your quilt pop!  If you like the combination, go with it! Sophie is still in the beginner quilting stage.  Even though she has learned a lot in a short time, there is so much more to look forward to.  As Quilters, we should always be searching for new techniques or challenges to push us to expand our knowledge of how to sew quiltsAnd don’t forget to step out of your box once in awhile and create something that would surprise your fellow Quilters.