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  • My Addiction to Fabric Started With Quilt Lessons!

    August 23, 2013 Sophie just couldn't stay away from the quilt shops, her curiosity to see the new "Fall" fabrics for quilting is getting the best of her.   I knew it would happen, ever since I took my first quilt lessons, I can't go into a quilt shop without buying fabric.  I'm beginning to have an addiction to fabric, which explains my excuses for buying all the fabric I have been doing lately.  The latest excuse I came up with and it does sound pretty good, is  "All the fabric I've been buying lately to make into quilts, will keep me warm. Then I can turn down the heat at night and save on heating bills. How low can you turn down the thermostat? OK, onto quilting....When I bought fabric for the Fall Quilt shown on front of the American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine, October 2012, I also signed up for more quilt lessons. My goal is  to learn how to do the applique, as everything else I felt confident I knew how to do. The method of applique I learned is "Machine Applique".  The tools needed to do this method include a sewing machine that is capable of doing a zig zag or blanket stitch, along with a fusible web of some type.  The instructor took us step by step from tracing pattern pieces onto the paper side of the fusible web, to then pressing it onto the fabric of choice.  You then cut out the individual pieces and remove the paper backing, exposing the adhesive.  Place all your pieces on your block according to the pattern and then press in place.  The final step is to stitch around the outside with your decorative stitch. Thanks to my quilt lessons on "Machine Applique", I can now conquer any pattern that has applique in it.  I think I will wait awhile before I attempt a "Baltimore Album"! What type of quilt patterns have you passed on making, because you didn't know how to make it without quilt lessons?  (see "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!  

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  • Amazing What You Can Do With Scraps of Fabrics for Quilting!

    September 13, 2012 Sophie has just lined up a long-arm quilter and needs to find fabrics for quilting to make the back.   One of the questions I need to find an answer to is "What do I do with the small pieces of fabrics for quilting that I have left over from my quilt top"?  Some of the pieces are too big to throw away, what do other quilters do with their scraps? I decided to give Sharon a call, she does a lot of quilting and I've heard her talking about how frugil she is with her scraps. When I got home from work I gave her a call.  She had a couple of suggestions for me to think about.  Since I needed to make a back for my top, she suggested putting my left over fabric into my backing.  Depending how much I have left over, I could reduce the amount of fabrics for quilting needed for my backing.  Another suggestion she had was to cut the small pieces into different size squares and strips to use in another quilt top down the road.  The idea of using my leftovers in my backing, sounded like the way to go. That night I started cutting my leftovers into the largest squares and strips that I could get, so they would be ready to piece together.  I had no plan or pattern for what I was going to do.  As I was going through my scraps, I came across some four patches.  I sewed them together into a rectangle block, and from there I started building. It definately was a challenge and took almost as long to put together as the front.  I was proud of myself that I didn't go out and buy three yards of fabrics for quilting for the back, it was totally made from leftover scraps. What do you do with the leftover fabrics from your quilt tops?     (see "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!

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  • Help Me! There Are Too Many Fabrics For Quilting To Choose From

    September 6, 2012 Sophie, the newbie quilter has just completed her very first quilt top.  She had a little help with the daunting task of picking out the fabrics for quilting, but otherwise she did it all on her own!   The Sunday get together to show off our quilt tops from our first quilt lessons was so much fun.  Everyone was there and bursting with pride as we showed off our works of art!  Since most of us were "Newbie" quilters, the patterns we used to place our blocks were simple.  Mostly everyone had layed out their blocks 4 across with 4 rows down with sashing in between each block.  Two of us layed our blocks out in rows with sashing in between the rows also.  Even though most used the same pattern layout, what made the quilts look so different was the fabrics for quilting that were used. The fabrics for quilting that we had chosen, ranged from pastels, patriotic, fall, northwoods to just blacks and whites.  Picking out the fabrics for quilting was harder for me than the actual sewing.   After an hour of trying to pick out what fabric I liked the most, I gave up and asked for help.  When the clerk asked where the quilt was going to be used, that's all it took.  My dream of a cabin on a lake and having it filled with quilts came to mind, and from that idea came the northwoods theme fabric.  From that point on, picking out the fabric went easy! It is still very early in my quilting journey and one of the most important things I have learned is....don't be afraid to ask for help. With all the fabrics for quilting available now days, how do you go about choosing what you want for your new project?(see "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!

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  • Do you Get Out Of Control When Buying Fabrics For Quilting?

    July 16, 2012     Sophie has just completed her first "Shop Hop" and is now home and putting away all her purchases. I am totally pooped!!!  I never thought a person could get so tired looking at all those beautiful fabrics for quilting.  My eyes are tired from looking at all the quilts, tablerunners, kits and quilter supplies that were available at the shops.  I'm overwhelmed with the displays they used to showcase new fabric lines, like quilts on beds to quilts layed over quilting racks. Even my brain is tired after thinking of how I could redecorate my home using the fabrics for quilting that caught my eye.  My "self control" was "out of control" in the shops where I found the vintage and primitive fabrics for quilting...what a combination! Going through all the bags containing my purchases, I have enough projects to keep me busy for a long time. I pulled out the fabrics that I'm using for the block swap and layed them on my cutting table, constructing these blocks is my next project. When I was quilting with my friends who get together twice a month, they were telling me how they purchased clear plastic totes that are 11" x 14" x 3" to keep their quilting projects in.  Being very reasonable in price, I purchased six of them to try.  The kits that I bought were placed in a tote along with the pattern and stacked on the shelf.  The fabrics for quilting  that I fell in love with, are marked with the yardage on a tag and pinned to the fabric, and also organized by color. Everything is finally put away and it's time to make some supper.  As supper is cooking, I'm going through my mail and come across a flyer from the quilt shop that I usually shop at.  They are advertising the state wide "Shop Hop" for Minnesota, Aug. 3rd thru the 19th with 75 shops participating.........OH NO!!!!!!!!!! Do you have a hard time with self control when you find fabrics for quilting that you love, and want to buy for a someday project?     (see "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us a QuiltAddict.com to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!

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  • Finding the Fabrics for Quilting... Almost a Disaster!

    July 12, 2012      Sophie is at her last shop in the "Shop Hop". What a busy and fun day!  I am just about to finish my first ever "Shop Hop" of ten quilt shops.  We pull into shop number 10 and have 30 minutes to check it out before the doors close for the week. As I entered the shop, a light bulb went on...I still needed to find the rest of my fabrics for quilting for the block swap that I'm participating in with the Lake Gogebic Community Quilters.  It should be easy to find for this shop carried just about any type of fabrics for quilting you could look for.  I had found my main focus fabric at the first shop and still needed four fabrics to coordinate with it.  I'm looking all around and wishing I had my focus fabric with me to match other colors to it.  Barb told me to go out to the car and bring it in, people bring in fabric all the time to find coordinating pieces to go with it. I'm so glad that I did bring it in. The colors that I thought would go with it intially, were horrible when I put the focus fabric next to it! The red I was looking at looked pink and the gold was too yellow. I was beginning to get nervous, the store was about to close and I still hadn't found all the fabrics for quilting I needed yet.  The clerk came over and told me to take my time shopping as they didn't mind staying longer. Calming down and having the help of Barb, I found coordinates that went with my focus fabric beautifully.  Thank goodness Barb told me to run out to the car and get my fabric to match, instead of guessing. We checked out of the last shop and what a wonderful experience my first and definately not my last "Shop Hop" was.  With all the fabrics for quilting I purchased, you may not see me around much...  I will be sewing up a storm in my quilt room!!! Have you bought fabric that you thought would go with your project, get it home and it doesn't work?(see "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!

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  • What Kind of Fabrics for Quilting Did Sophie Find Interesting?

    June 25, 2012    Sophie is working her way through all the quilt shops on her first "Shop Hop"! Two more shops to go before we hit the half way mark...then we will take a breather and have some lunch. We didn't have any idea what we would find in this quilt shop for it was in a basement of a building in a trendy part of town.  The streets were lined with many different types of art studios, coffee shops with little bistro tables out on the sidewalks, and boutiques with very fashionable and spendy clothes.  Outside the door of the quilt shop was a piece of metal art that depicted a spool of thread, needle and a piece of fabric...pretty cool. The shop was small and very modern.  What first caught my attention was the type of fabrics for quilting that stocked most of the shelves.  I had seen some of it at other shops, but not to this volume.  I asked my friend Barb about it and she said it is called "Batik".  It is still 100% cotton, but the dying process is different from the regular cotton that I had purchased for my projects. We were greeted kindly by one of the sales clerks who was working and asked if we needed any help.  I was curious to find out more about the batik fabric, being a "newbie" quilter and having not worked with it yet.  The clerk told us that the batik fabrics for quilting are made in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and India. The cloth is tradionally woven, but what makes it so different is the manual wax-resist dyeing method they use.  We both found it very interesting and wouldn't it be fun to tour these factories, to watch them create the beautiful batik fabrics for quilting...maybe I should put that on my "Bucket List" too. As we walked around the store and checked out bolt after bolt of the beautiful batik fabrics for quilting we were amazed.  Someday I will come back and purchase some batiks, and make one " breath taking" quilt out of it.   Does anyone have a preference "Cotton vs Batik" when making quilts?   (See "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at QuiltAddict.com to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!

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