Finding the Fabrics for Quilting... Almost a Disaster!

July 12, 2012      Sophie is at her last shop in the "Shop Hop". What a busy and fun day!  I am just about to finish my first ever "Shop Hop" of ten quilt shops.  We pull into shop number 10 and have 30 minutes to check it out before the doors close for the week. As I entered the shop, a light bulb went on...I still needed to find the rest of my fabrics for quilting for the block swap that I'm participating in with the Lake Gogebic Community Quilters.  It should be easy to find for this shop carried just about any type of fabrics for quilting you could look for.  I had found my main focus fabric at the first shop and still needed four fabrics to coordinate with it.  I'm looking all around and wishing I had my focus fabric with me to match other colors to it.  Barb told me to go out to the car and bring it in, people bring in fabric all the time to find coordinating pieces to go with it. I'm so glad that I did bring it in. The colors that I thought would go with it intially, were horrible when I put the focus fabric next to it! The red I was looking at looked pink and the gold was too yellow. I was beginning to get nervous, the store was about to close and I still hadn't found all the fabrics for quilting I needed yet.  The clerk came over and told me to take my time shopping as they didn't mind staying longer. Calming down and having the help of Barb, I found coordinates that went with my focus fabric beautifully.  Thank goodness Barb told me to run out to the car and get my fabric to match, instead of guessing. We checked out of the last shop and what a wonderful experience my first and definately not my last "Shop Hop" was.  With all the fabrics for quilting I purchased, you may not see me around much...  I will be sewing up a storm in my quilt room!!! Have you bought fabric that you thought would go with your project, get it home and it doesn't work?(see "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!