Amazing What You Can Do With Scraps of Fabrics for Quilting!

September 13, 2012 Sophie has just lined up a long-arm quilter and needs to find fabrics for quilting to make the back.   One of the questions I need to find an answer to is "What do I do with the small pieces of fabrics for quilting that I have left over from my quilt top"?  Some of the pieces are too big to throw away, what do other quilters do with their scraps? I decided to give Sharon a call, she does a lot of quilting and I've heard her talking about how frugil she is with her scraps. When I got home from work I gave her a call.  She had a couple of suggestions for me to think about.  Since I needed to make a back for my top, she suggested putting my left over fabric into my backing.  Depending how much I have left over, I could reduce the amount of fabrics for quilting needed for my backing.  Another suggestion she had was to cut the small pieces into different size squares and strips to use in another quilt top down the road.  The idea of using my leftovers in my backing, sounded like the way to go. That night I started cutting my leftovers into the largest squares and strips that I could get, so they would be ready to piece together.  I had no plan or pattern for what I was going to do.  As I was going through my scraps, I came across some four patches.  I sewed them together into a rectangle block, and from there I started building. It definately was a challenge and took almost as long to put together as the front.  I was proud of myself that I didn't go out and buy three yards of fabrics for quilting for the back, it was totally made from leftover scraps. What do you do with the leftover fabrics from your quilt tops?     (see "Leave a Reply" below) Visit us at to see why Quilting is..."A Great Habit"!